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SYL & ANT Instruments, In. Józef Nitka
Representatives, authorized service and delivery of products manufactured by:
Parker- Autoclave Engineers, PID Spain, CMC, Euroglas, ThermoEuroglas, TE Instruments,Whortington-Taylor Wharton,Taylor-Wharton, Auguste Cryogenics, Iatron Lab., Mercury Instruments, Micromeritics, Particulate Systems, Sy-Lab, Skyray, SMS, CKiC, Falcon Instruments, Hanon, Navas Instruments, Bettersize, Magritek, Ionicon and others

We are delivering:
  • TN, TS, TOC, EOX, POX, NOX Analyzers (for determination of nitrogen sulphur, chloride, total organic carbon compounds in liquids, solids an gases from ppb to %), on-line and laboratory systems, TLC/FID analyzers CHNS/O analyzers Our line is: trace analysis,
  • high pressure laboratory autoclaves and reactors systems in metal and glass, and high pressure accessories as valve & fittings,
  • solutions for color measurement
  • particle size analyzers from 0.01 to 3500 um., surface area analyzers , sorption/desorption, instruments for powders/solids/solutions density measurements, DLS and Zeta meters , automated mercury and helium porosimetry,vapor pressure sorption instruments
  • particle insitu and on-line size as shape analyzers

    * calorimeters, CS Analyzers , TGA analyzers, coal laboratory preparation equipment
    * instrumentation for automatic bacteria determination and cryotechnic equipment,
  • We are delivering full sets of equipment for tissue banking ,
  • laboratory and on-line gas chromatographs ,
  • gas generators (zero air, nitrogen, hydrogen),
  • gas calibration generators
    as following instruments:
    XRF, WDXRF, table top NMR, family of Mass Spectrometers.
    We have our own products, also.